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About us

The journey of El Abd Patisserie began in 1974 when the first branch was opened in downtown on Talaat Harb Street. That’s when we started writing the history of El Abd and carving a big name in the production of Eastern and Western sweets as well as bakery. Later, in 1996, another branch was opened on 26th July Street in downtown.

Since the very beginning, our main goal is to share with people their happiness and joy on various occasions and draw a smile on the faces of Egyptian family members by offering a variety of high-quality products.

For instance, our bakery products, such as pates, croissants and Danish are always a good choice for breakfast or a quick snack. Western and Oriental sweets as well as chocolates are gifting products that are always available in every Egyptian household. As for the ice cream, it’s characterized by its natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any additives.

When it comes to feasts and special occasions, either Eid or Mouled el Nabi, we are honored that our customers can always rely on us. Our production of Kahk and Halawet Mouled is characterized by craftsmanship which is the secret of our distinction as well as the fresh homemade savor that satisfies the Egyptian taste.

In 2011, since our clients love our products and because of high demand, our ambition began to increase. That’s when we started our expansion plan, by distributing products such as Yameesh Ramadan, Kahk el Eid and Halawet Mouled in the largest supermarket and hyper market chains.


To fulfill our goal to expand and be accessible to our customers all over Egypt, we began opening new stores starting with Mall of Arabia branch in April 2019 to the most recent one in City Center Almaza in May 2023, totaling up to 11 stores in the span of 4 years.

Now we can proudly say that we are one step closer to our beloved customers through our branches all over Cairo and Giza: Talaat Harb, Sherif Street, Shobra, Mall of Arabia, El Hosary, Mohandessin, Faisal, City Stars, Zahraa el Maadi, 5th Settlement, City Center Almaza.